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Vilia Butas Gingles

How It All Started

I was born in Queens New York.  First generation Lithuanian American. I grew up bilingual and steeped in the folklore and traditions of both.    Due to my father's job our family has moved and literally crisscrossed the country a number of times, giving us a taste of living on both coasts and in between. We finally settled in Northern Virginia on the outskirts of DC where I mainly grew up.  We then moved to the Annapolis, MD area where   I later in life raised my four children. We have always lived by water. Maybe that is where my love of the ocean, bright colors and mermaids started. I am now living my dream, by the beach, remarried, on the east coast of Florida with my husband Sam, and little pack of loving               

blue French Bulldogs.     

My art is self taught with only my          imagination as my guide.

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